Tuesday, August 23, 2011


By Elana Johnson
Simon Pulse, 2011. 405 pgs. Young Adult

In a world where Thinkers control the population and Rules are not meant to be broken, fifteen-year-old Violet Schoenfeld must make a choice to control or be controlled after learning truths about her "dead" sister and "missing" father.

Vi has the ability to control people, although she hasn’t realized this skill for much of her life. After breaking the rules one too many times, she is incarcerated with Jag, a boy she has never met. Even though she has already been matched with Zenn, she feels a strong connection to Jag. This book ends on a cliffhanger that hopefully will be resolved in her next book Surrender that is slated to be published Summer 2012.

Although I found this dystopian novel a little hard to follow, I’m still excited to meet the author when she comes to the Provo City Library on October 11th!


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