Friday, April 1, 2011

You Wish

You Wish
By Mandy Hubbard
Razorbill, 2010. 284 pgs. Young Adult

Kayla's sweet sixteen is a miserable experience, but it's just the beginning of a disaster. When Kayla wishes that all her birthday wishes will come true, she doesn't expect that anything will actually happen. But when a pink pony shows up at her house, followed by her Raggedy Ann doll coming to life, Kayla starts to realize she's in big trouble...because last year's wish was that Ben Mackenzie would kiss her but now Ben is dating Kayla's best friend.

This book takes a fair of amount of willingness by the reader to suspend disbelief, but as the book gets going, readers will likely be surprised by how deeply Kayla is affected by the experience and the realizations she makes about her own life. It's certainly not an earth-shattering book, but it's still fun and has enough substance to make it a fairly satisfying story.


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