Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gideon's Sword

Gideon's Sword
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Grand Central, 2011. 342 pgs. Fiction.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child's thrillers have become so successful that Preston & Child has become the cover imprint and it's off to the races! Gideon's Sword introduces Gideon Cross, a man sworn to avenge his father who was framed and gunned down in a federal raid. You would think the quest for vengeance would take up the whole book. You would be wrong. Crew finishes that project up quickly and is then recruited by a dark ops outfit to do a job for the government--extract the plans for a new "weapon" from a Chinese scientist and turn them over to Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc. Easier said than done, as these things usually are--much mayhem ensues as Dr. Wu is killed and no one, bad guys or good, can find the plans. Gideon is soon being chased by a truly frightening assassin, Nodding Crane, who lays waste to everyone in his path without even breaking a sweat. Gideon and Nodding Crane's confrontation at the pauper's cemetery is incendiary, in more ways than one. Breezy and bloody, Gideon's Sword introduces a made-for-the-movies new action hero the more appealing because he has absolutely nothing to lose.


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