Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sisters Red

Sisters Red
By Jackson Pearce
Little, Brown, 2010. 328 pgs. Young Adult

When she was eleven, Scarlett protected her younger sister from the attack of a Fenris (werewolf). Horrifically scarred but enlightened to the fact that Fenris exist, Scarlett has trained herself to be a Fenris hunter and kills any Fenris she encounters. Her sister, Rosie, has also trained to hunt, but Scarlett is scared to let her hunt alone, and Rosie comes to realize, as she finds herself falling for Silas, their neighbor and hunting partner, that her heart isn't as invested in hunting as Scarlett's is.

Rosie and Scarlett tell the story in alternating chapters, allowing each sister a chance to share her perspective: Scarlett as she's desperate to continue fighting and Rosie as she comes to realize there are other things she cares about more than fighting and that she's falling in love with Silas. I sometimes had trouble believing the descriptions of the fighting. Additionally, some of the descriptions of fighting are a bit gory and may turn stomachs, but the action, romance, and family issues in this book are well-developed.


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