Saturday, September 25, 2010


By Sherri L. Smith
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2008. 275 pgs. Young Adult

Ida Mae Jones just wants to fly. And when the need for pilots during WWII leads to the creation of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, Ida Mae wants to join. However, the WASP program doesn't accept "colored" pilots. Ida Mae is African American, but she's light-skinned enough that she can pass for white--and she decides to do just that in order to achieve her dream of flying. Besides trying to make it through training, Ida Mae has to be extra careful not to let anyone find out her true identity. At the same time, she has to figured out how to follow her dreams while staying true to herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a great look at the WASP program, what life was like for women in that era, and especially a great look at the struggles of African Americans. This realistic historical fiction novel has an engaging protagonist and I'd recommend it to just about anyone.


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