Monday, October 19, 2009


By Brandon Sanderson
Tor, 2009. 592 pgs. Fantasy

Princess Vivenna’s entire life has been spent preparing to comply with her father’s peace treaty with the powerful neighboring nation of Hallandren. Her task will be to marry the Hallandren God King and provide an heir. But when the time comes for the wedding to take place, her younger sister Siri is sent in her place. Vivenna quickly decides to follow Siri to protect her from her unexpected fate. Both sisters are quickly drawn into a world of intrigue and deception which neither are prepared to navigate.

My favorite aspect of Sanderson's work is his ability to create characters that are relatable and endearing. And though this was not my favorite of his books, I felt the magic was a bit difficult to envision and the narration had a tendency to drag in places, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this stand alone work to readers looking for a good fantasy.


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