Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Portable Dad

The Portable Dad: Fix-It Advice for when Dad’s Not Around
Steve Elliot
Running Press, c2009. 240 p. Nonfiction

Ever wanted to carry Dad around in your pocket? Well, now you can with the new Portable Dad—nope, not the latest action figure but a handy volume designed to help out when the handiest Dad is not to be found. You’ll find loads of basic advice for the times when you just need someone with a bit of practical wisdom. Chapters cover ‘Car Maintenance’, ‘Yard Work’ and ‘Computers’—there’s even a section devoted to ‘Plumbing’, the dreariest of home maintenance chores. Do you know what's the best thing for a sticky bike chain, how to fix a flat or whether you really need to bother with anti-virus software? Dad does. I learned how often to water the lawn. Elliot says, “If the grass bounces back up in your footprints it’s fine. If it doesn’t, it needs a drink.” It’s a fun, friendly read with a chatty, hipster style and some simple and useful diagrams. Great for college students, new home owners or those without a practical fix-it bone in their body.


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