Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Slave Stealers: true accounts of slave rescues then and now

Slave Stealers: true accounts of slave rescues then and now
By Timothy Ballard
Shadow Mountain, 2018. 254 pages. Nonfiction

Although they have lived centuries apart, two stories come together about fighting the evils of slavery and sex trafficking. Told in alternating chapters are the stories of Harriet Jacobs, a brave African-American Woman born into slavery in North Carolina in 1813, and Timothy Ballard, a former special agent for the Department of Homeland Security and now the founder of the modern "underground railroad", an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R). Ballard tells the story of how Harriett never lost faith or courage to win her freedom and how her example has provided the blueprint he needed to start O.U.R and save the slaves in the modern world.

This is a wonderful book that I highly recommend to everyone. Timothy Ballard does a wonderful job in the writing and weaving stories together. It gets you hooked and you don't want to put the book down. He shines a light into the darkest part of American History at the same time opening the world's eyes to the biggest evils committed today. It goes beyond race, culture, and religion to show the brave men and women, both past and present, standing up for what is right and who serve their fellow man. Despite the darkness that is human trafficking and the slave trade, the book offers hope and inspires an individual to get involved and help those that are in need, especially those in dire circumstances.


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