Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Love from A to Z

Love from A to Z
by S.K Ali
Salaam Reads, 2019. 342 pages, Young Adult Fiction.

Zayneb, a fiery and passionate girl with an activist heart, and Adam, a sensitive and introspective boy, both find themselves spending their vacations in Doha, Qatar at the same time. Through some serendipitous meet-cute scenarios, the two continue to cross paths and decide that, though they are both dealing with some issues in their personal lives, that doesn’t mean that love can't also factor in.

A refreshing and original love story about two Muslim teens who court one another while adhering to their cultural and religious norms. I learned a lot about what that entails, loved being immersed in their world, and seeing Doha through their eyes. I also appreciated reading a YA book where the characters are not at odds with their parents, but where all family relations appeared loving and supportive through life's struggles as teen learn to navigate the world around them. A very sweet and clean read for fans of YA romance.


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