Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Dead Queens Club

by Hannah Capin
Ink Yard Press, 2019. 455 pgs. Young Adult Fiction

Annie Marck, alias Cleves, has just moved and must start her senior year at Lancaster High. But, when you are friends with the King himself, you instantly become teenage royalty. Henry is a jock, a genius, and brooding bad boy, which explains how he is on his sixth girlfriend in two years. But, when two of these “Queens” end up dead, is something else going on? Can Cleves and her girl gang find out what’s really happening to Henry’s queens before history repeats itself?

I could not believe how seamlessly the story of Henry VIII and his wives was re-imagined as Homecoming King and a teenage girl gang. Cleves is witty, strong, and fierce with a no nonsense attitude. Her one major stumbling block is her love for Henry, which blinds her to the truth for much too long. This story transformed Henry VIII and his wives into a tale that is easy to understand and digest for teenagers. High school gossip, relationships, and parties show just how petty Henry VIII was. There is some strong language, but I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys strong female characters taking down a bad guy.


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