Monday, July 1, 2019


by Stephen King
Scribner, 2018. 144 pages. Fiction

Scott Carey hasn't been trying to lose weight, but he's been doing so anyway. There are other strange things too: he looks exactly the same no matter how much weight he loses and he weighs the same with his clothes on or off. Scott lives his life alone, in a quiet home, in the picturesque town of Castle Rock, Maine. He doesn't want to make a big deal out of his mysterious weight loss, so he only confides in his doctor and friend Bob Ellis. Scott insists that he not be treated like a science experiment and instead of trying to determine a cause, only has Dr. Ellis monitor his weight loss. During this baffling time in his life, Scott has an encounter with his new neighbors - a married, lesbian couple - that escalates quickly into an ongoing battle. The women are new to town and trying to open up a restaurant in an environment that is less than welcoming. Scott's inexplicable situation becomes unexpected common ground with these women. Through a deeper look at the prejudices the women face - including his own prejudices - Scott is able to find accidental allies in them. Together, they navigate a town that seems to have no place for any of them, and find deeper life lessons than they knew they were looking for.

If you pick up anything with Stephen King's name on it like I do, then you will enjoy this quick read. It left me with a delightfully complete feeling once it was done. It's bizarre, as is most Stephen King, but somehow it's not impossible to believe. I enjoyed experiencing this weird phenomenon through Scott's perspective, which was so very different from what I think my own perspective would be. He accepts what is happening to him and then goes one step further and actually embraces it. The relationship he develops with his neighbors is both inspiring and heartfelt; an example of what it means to focus on love. Be advised that there is some strong language in this book, but if you can get past that, it's absolutely worth the read!


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