Friday, July 26, 2019

Death Wins a Goldfish

Death Wins a Goldfish
by Brian Rea
Chronicle Books, 2019. 168 pages. Graphic Novel

Death never takes a day off. Until he gets a letter from the HR department insisting he use up his accrued vacation time, that is. Take a peek at Death's journal entries as he documents his mandatory sabbatical in the world of the living. From skydiving to online dating, Death is determined to try it all! DEATH WINS A GOLDFISH is an important reminder to the overstressed, overworked, and overwhelmed that everyone--even Death--deserves a break once in a while.

Two words: Utterly. Delightful. This is one of my favorite books of 2019. There's beauty to be found in every day, even if it's usually lost on us living folk. Like watching a child discover the world, watching Death try his hand at living life brings on all the feels - nostalgia, wonder, pride, vicarious excitement along with a contrasting note of melancholy. You'll be both charmed and gently reminded to take time and just live.


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