Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Liar's Girl

The Liar's Girl
By Catherine Ryan Howard 
Blackstone Publishing, 2018. 336 pages. Mystery.

Alison can't wait to start her first year of university with her best friend at the prestigious St. John's in Dublin. Almost right away she meets the dreamy Will Hurley who seems to be the perfect boyfriend. Then first year girls start turning up dead in the canal nearby, and a general terror grips the campus. Then Alison's best friend turns up dead in the canal and Will admits to the murders. Unable to cope with the shame and grief of it all, Alison moves away to the Netherlands and starts her life anew. But ten years later, when Alison feels like she might be able to start moving on, the Dublin police show up on her doorstep. The Canal Killer is at it again. The police think Alison may be key to solving the current cases. Conflicted between her sense of self-preservation and her desire to save the young women in danger, Alison must decide if she can confront her past, or if she can live with herself if she stays.

This book had me gripped. It was full of suspense. The story alternated mainly between Alison's now point of view and her then point of view ten years earlier when she first started at St. John's. The audiobook was great to listen to because of all the Irish accents and the artistry in the story-telling. It made listening so much fun. I loved the characters, their relationships with each other, and their growth. Although I didn’t love the title, the back blurb piqued my interest and I’m so glad I gave it a chance. I had chills and was genuinely freaked out at several points during the book; however, I finished the book feeling satisfied with the story. There is some language in the book but it never felt excessive and was always appropriate to the situation. 


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