Tuesday, June 18, 2019

No Walls and the Recurring Dream

No Walls and the Recurring Dream
by Ani DiFranco Viking, 2019. 306 pages, Biography

Ani DiFranco, singer, songwriter, activist, feminist and all around “righteous babe” uses her talent for poetics in her new book to paint a picture of her early life, her influences, and her rise to folk singer stardom. Her signature wit and way with words shines from every page as she tells about being an emancipated teenager, and finding her way in the world through art, music, dance, and through kindness and connection with others. Her anecdotes about life on the road are comical and memorable, and her reflections on being a female in a male dominated profession are apt as ever.

Fans of DiFranco’s music will enjoy this deep dive into the iconic feminist folk singer’s songwriting process and her rise to prominence by bucking the traditional music and recording system, and doing things by the beat of her own drum (or guitar). For an extra treat, listen to the audiobook version read by DiFranco herself, to hear her poems as they should be heard- from her own lips to your ears.


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