Monday, April 29, 2019

Siren's Fury

Siren’s Fury 
by Mary Weber
Thomas Nelson, 2015, 355 pgs. Young Adult Fiction.

In the second book of the Storm Siren trilogy, Nym has saved Falen and brought about an end to the war with neighboring Bron only to learn that Draewulf has stolen everything she cares about, even her Elemental abilities. When she sneaks off to Bron with a group of Falen delegates, Lord Myles tempts her with new powers and she must decide how much of herself she can compromise to destroy the monster.

The plot thickens! Here the reader learns more about Draewulf’s background which I thought was fascinating. I listened to the first part of the book, but they changed narrators from the first which I thought was distracting and the plot twists were frustrating enough that I debated finishing it. Then I switched to reading it and it wasn’t nearly as frustrating, I’m so glad I finished the book! If you read Storm Siren, you’ll definitely want to continue with Siren’s Fury.


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