Friday, April 5, 2019

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts
By Sarah M. Eden
Shadow Mountain, 2019. 328 pgs. Historical Fiction Romance

Gideon MacNamara is the only doctor in the small frontier town of Savage Wells. He hasn't had much luck finding a wife so he decides to send for a mail-order bride with some nursing experience. Miriam thinks she is being sent to Savage Wells to be a nurse and doesn't realize she is supposed to also marry the doctor. She refuses to marry him, but Gideon is understanding enough to allow her to serve as his nurse while they get things figured out. Miriam is hiding some huge secrets from her past and doesn't have many options available to her.

This books is set in the same town as the Sheriffs of Savage Wells but it can be read as a stand alone novel. Sarah Eden continues to create characters that work their way into your heart. It was fascinating to learn about Miriam's backstory. It made me want to do more research on common medical practices for women in the 1800's. Women were put in insane asylums for pretty much any excuse. Honestly, it sounds awful. Sarah Eden continues to be one of my favorite authors and this is another terrific book.


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