Thursday, January 3, 2019

Perfect Set: Game On

Perfect Set: Game On
By Melanie Jacobson
Covenant Communications, 2018, 215 pages, Romance

Bree Mercer is a sports reporter with one rule: never date a professional athlete. Ever. This rule helps her build credibility and avoid heartbreak. When she is assigned to write about Kade Townsend, a beach volleyball player, she knows it will be a tough job. After all, he hates reporters. But as she works to gain Kade's trust, she realizes that he is more than just a cocky athlete. He's kind, sincere, and persistent. Will he be the one she breaks her rule for?

I started off my holiday break by reading Perfect Set and I was not disappointed. I wanted a light, fun, and clean romance and Jacobson delivered. I liked Bree and Kade's relationship and that they both grew as the book progressed. The plot was predictable, but that's what you want and expect when you pick up a book like this. It's a great read if you want a lighthearted romance with a happy ending.


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