Friday, May 11, 2018

The Fox Hunt: a Refugee's Memoir of Coming to America

The Fox Hunt: a Refugee’s Memoir of Coming to America
by Mohammed Al Samawi
William Morrow. 2018. 323 pgs. Biography

Mohammed Al Samawi was raised in a well-educated Muslim family in Sana’a, Yemen. Disabled by a stroke at a young age, he worked hard in school to make up for his physical deficiencies .He enrolled in English classes where he became friends with his instructor from England. He didn’t want this good man to go to hell so he gave him a Koran and begged him to read it. The teacher agreed, with the stipulation that Mohammed read the Bible. Mohammed became an interfaith peace activist and a target for assassination because of his exposure to the Bible. As chaos and civil war engulf Yemen, he turns to his international contacts on Facebook to help him escape to a place of safety. This is a gripping story and includes much interesting background to events in the Middle East. SH

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