Thursday, May 31, 2018

Dead Heat

Dead Heat
by Patricia Briggs
Ace Books, 2015, 324 pgs, Fantasy

In the fourth book of the Alpha and Omega series, Charles and Anna take a personal trip to Arizona to buy Anna a horse for her birthday, and visit Joseph, an old friend of Charles. Although the visit is supposed to provide a break from Charles’ enforcer duties, the couple still manages to find themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation. A fae that specializes in kidnapping and killing children is loose in the area, and has targeted Joseph’s family. Now Charles and Anna must find the fae and stop it before anyone else dies.

I felt like character development was a strong point of this book. The new people introduced from Joseph’s family are given depth, even though they are temporary characters. I also enjoyed learning some more of Charles’ back story, and looking at him through Anna’s perspective is especially useful since she reads him better than anyone else. Really there’s so much to enjoy with Patricia Brigg’s books, and Dead Heat does not disappoint!


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