Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Dragon's Curse: A Transference Novel

The Dragon’s Curse: A Transference Novel 
by Bethany Wiggins
Crown, 2018, 328 pgs, Young Adult Fiction

In this sequel to The Dragon’s Price, Sorrowlynn is finally prepared to join Golmarr in his search for a cure to the dragon’s curse. Before she can begin her journey, her father arrives with an army to take her home. He has married her by proxy to the heir of another kingdom and the heir has come to claim his new bride. As if trying to escape her captor husband and reunite with her true love isn’t difficult enough, a two-headed dragon is determined to find and kill Sorrowlynn before she can stop the dragon’s curse.

This was a very good follow-up to the first book. The plot is engaging, the characters have depth, and the book takes some unexpected turns. I especially appreciate that the romantic plot doesn’t overtake the main conflict of the story. I would recommend this book series to any teens that enjoy fantasy.


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