Saturday, April 14, 2018

My Dearest Love

My Dearest Love
by Sarah M. Eden
Mirror Press, 2017, 129 pgs. Historical Romance

Ian O'Connor spends long days in a textile mill in New York City, enduring the dangerous conditions to help support his parents and brothers and sisters. Biddy Dillon has lost her home and her family and is barely making ends meet as she works in the same textile mill. Life feels hopeless for both of them until their paths cross and they begin to feel a little spark of joy when they are around each other. The problem is that Ian doesn't know how to talk to her and his family won't stop teasing him about it. When tragedy strikes, they must decide if they have enough courage to face an uncertain future together.

This is a novella that comes before the Longing for Home series. I loved finally finding out how Ian and Biddy met and fell in love. The O'Connor family is so loving and kind and they don't let hard circumstances keep them down. Sarah Eden continues to do what she does best but creating a heartwarming story with characters that feel like family.


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