Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Alice Network

The Alice Network
by Kate Quinn
HarperCollins, 2017,  528 pgs. Historical Fiction

This historical fiction book is a dual chronology about Charlie St. Clair and Eve Gardiner. Charlie St. Clair’s chronology starts in 1947 during the aftermath of WWII, travelling with her mother to Switzerland to get an abortion because she is not married. She decides to leave her mother, and instead find Eve Gardiner, a woman who could be the key to finding her cousin who was never found after the war.  Eve Gardiner’s chronology takes us back to 1915 during the first war when she was recruited to be a spy in France for the Alice Network. As the story progresses you learn more about how these two strong women’s lives are connected by Eve’s past.

I enjoyed this book a lot, and had a difficult time not skipping ahead to see what would happen next in Eve’s dangerous situation as a spy for England. It is great to watch how much Charlie changes, and Eve opens up throughout the plot. Some parts are also deeply emotional, and devastating to go through each main character to see how their life was changed by the war. There was a great balance of reality and difficulties of war, but I wasn’t overwhelmed since there were happy moments of change too.

Content advisory: this book does have some stronger language, and as it is about a war contains violence. There are also some PG-13 sex scenes.


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