Saturday, November 18, 2017


By Grant Morrison and Dan Mora
Boom! Studios, 2016. 208 pgs. Graphic Novel

In this interpretation of Santa Claus's origin, Klaus, a mysterious hermit, enters the town of Grimsvig and is shocked to see that the local lord has forbidden fun, toys, and is working the men to death in the mines digging coal. He decides to correct these wrongs by bringing toys into the town, and pitches the town into a civil war against the maniacal Lord Magnus. Soon, the complicated history of Klaus is revealed, and he becomes the only one who can save the town from the physical and supernatural threats to it.

If you have been looking for a Santa Claus story that mixes elements of Rise of the Guardians, Brother Bear, and Conan the Barbarian, then this is definitely the graphic novel for you. This novel sticks to the basic elements of the Santa mythos, such as him having a sleigh, giving presents to kids, having a vicious wolf pet, and beheading dark creatures that spawn from coal mines. However, it also has some fun with myth. adding plenty of villains, plot twists, and interesting characters, making this book a fun, action-fueled romp through the middle ages. I really enjoyed this story, and if you like fantasy and graphic novels, you should definitely give this book a read.

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