Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We Should Hang Out Sometime

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story
By Josh Sundquist
Little, Brown, and Company, 2014. 326 pgs. Biography

When Josh Sundquist turned 25 and still had never had a girlfriend (not for lack of trying) he sat down to analyze where he had gone wrong. Not only is this a humorous book about dating mishaps, it is a scientific study that Josh conducted with interviews with past crushes, dates, and girls he had thought he was dating. It even has statistics and charts, no joke.

This unique, and funny coming-of-age story about Sundquist's experiences as a cancer survivor, amputee, Paralympic ski racer, and motivational speaker is well worth the read. Many of his anecdotes are the best kind of cringe worthy and coupled with his self-deprecating humor they are laugh out loud funny.


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