Monday, July 6, 2015


By Rainbow Rowell
St. Martin's Press, 2014. 310 pages. Fiction.

Georgie McCool’s marriage has been strained for quite sometime. So when she tells her husband Neal that she can’t fly to Omaha for Christmas with him and the kids because of work, things fall apart. Neal takes the kids to Omaha without Georgie and he won’t return her phone calls. But then Georgie magically stumbles across a phone that can call the past. Specifically Neal's house in the past. Given this second chance, she hopes she can save her marriage … before it even started.

The premise of this book was unique and also I enjoyed reading about the hard work that goes into marriage instead of just focusing on the courtship like so many other stories. But don’t worry there are plenty of flashbacks to their days of dating, which helps frame the story set in the present and adds dimension to the protagonists. Rowell's approaches her writing in a down-to-earth, yet humorous way that keeps you flipping the pages to find out what happens to characters you’ve grown attached to over the course of the book.


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CKN said...

This is a great read! I've read almost all of Rainbow Rowell's books, and this one is tied for my favorite. I agree with HBC, I loved the unique premise of the book and that it focuses on the tough parts of a relationship. Georgie isn't perfect and she knows she made mistakes, but she works so hard to make things better. Georgie is such a believable character, I thought Rowell's portrayal of a woman trying to balance family and a competitive job in the television industry was pretty spot on. I listened to the audiobook of Landline, and the narrator brought a lot to the story. I would definitely recommend reading, or listening, to this book!