Thursday, September 11, 2014

This is the Water

This is the Water
By Yannick Murphy
Harper Perennial, 352 pgs. 2014. Fiction,

This book centers around a swim team, and as a high school swimmer I had to pick it up. Annie and her husband have two girls on the swim team and a tense marriage. Annie starts to flirt with a fellow swim dad and they take the opportunity of away meets to get to know each other. Among the other parents, there are the tense ones, the helicopter moms, the competitive dads and everyone has an edge to them. Things change when one of the girls is murdered and the team and parents have to become protective of  each other and some even become suspicious. One mother even takes it to an extreme and many parents are forced to decide who to stand by.

This mystery novel has a lot going on, told in a simple manner. The first several chapters have an interesting concept of starting almost every sentence with "this is...". At first I didn't know if I could keep going, but the story moves quickly and the uniqueness becomes catchy within the rest of the book. The murder story is a little disturbing as it is a young girl who is murdered, but the entire time I wanted to know who the murderer could be. The story ending was unexpected and different.


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