Thursday, September 11, 2014

10% Happier

10%  Happier
By Dan Harris
It Books, 256 pgs. 2014. Nonfiction.

What interested me about this book most was actually his stories about his life as a news reporter and anchorman. The competition and challenges that came with his job fascinated me. I could see where he connected the voice in his head and the anxiety he has had to his goal in his career and also the experiences he has reporting in the field. Harris talks about his search for peace and calm through visiting pastors, monks, yoga meditation, and more. Due to the voice that gave him his drive, it also gave him his struggles. After experiencing a panic attack live on national television, he tries to find a place where his thoughts can't take control.

The idea of anxiety and panic is a hot topic in books whether it is a personal story, research, or to say mental health issues are more prevalent than you think. Harris' book is a different take though as much of the story was reliant on his jobs and personal life, and not necessarily research to describe what he was going through. And he didn't give a lot of details in to his panic attacks or issues, but more background on his hectic life. Then the other major part of the story was for the exploration of spiritual, mental, and physical health that would help in controlling that voice in his head. I thought it was a super interesting read and I enjoyed his perspective on changing his life.


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