Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All Fall Down

All Fall Down
By Jennifer Weiner
Atria Books, 2014. 400 pgs. Fiction.

Jennifer Weiner's books can be hit or miss for me but I was completely engrossed in All Fall Down. Allison Weiss is a mother, a woman's blogger for a popular website, a husband she loves, and a nice life. When she is at a doctor's office for her daughters she randomly takes a magazine quiz that brings her to question if she is an addict. She has the excuses, the stories, and the lies that point to it, but she can't bring herself to admit she needs help. Her need for pills helps her function and look at her life as perfect. Through trials and scary moments, Allison learns that she does have an expensive, dangerous problem and she eventually has to decide if she wants to get rid of the problem or not.

Weiner's book was very realistic and so well done with heartfelt characters and even some funny moments. I really enjoyed reading about not only Allison's struggle but her friends and family and their reactions as well as how they tried to help. I couldn't stop listening to the audio as the narrator did a fantastic job. The book was real and the writing wonderful. In the end, I wanted everyone to have a happy ending.


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