Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead
by Michael Koryta
Little, Brown and Company, 2014.  392 pgs.  Mystery

     Jace Wilson sees something he shouldn't have seen:  a body in the bottom of a quarry pond.  As he surfaces, he sees two men kill another man and push his body off the edge. They don't see him, but they find his clothes.  When the safe house where he was supposed to be hidden is breached, his handler takes him to Montana to hide him in a Youth Survival program for troubled teens.  Even Ethan Serbin, leader of the group, doesn't know which boy is the witness, but he soon finds out when the Blackwell brothers, two of the creepiest, ickiest killers you may ever hope not to meet anywhere but in the pages of a book, appear, brutalizing and threatening everyone in their way. Can Ethan save Jace (aka Connor)--and what will happen to his wife if he does? or to the ranger who goes on the run with the young boy, especially as the forest goes up in flames.  Michael Koryta is one of the finest writers of literary thrillers on the planet, and he outdoes himself here in this tale that is simultaneously breakneck and tender. Put this one on the top of your summer reading list. But not for the faint of heart.


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AL said...

This is one of those books that you pick up and then can set back down again until you get to the last page. I honestly felt like I was watching an action movie the whole time I was reading this. I really liked the premise of this book. An innocent teenager saw something he shouldn't have and now he is running for his life. The bad guys chasing him are pure evil and you just aren't sure how it is all going to turn out. If you are looking for a great summer read, I recommend this book.