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This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

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This is the Story of a Happy Marriage
By Ann Pachett
Harper, 2013. 306 pgs. Non-Fiction
Ann Pachett is a well known and celebrated contemporary author of both literary fiction (The Patron Saint of Liars, The Magician's Assistant, Bel Canto, Age of Wonders) and non-fiction (Truth & Beauty) and owner of Parnassus Books, an independent bookstore in Nashville, TN and online. Like most great writers, Pachett did not immediately find international success that launched her career as a novelist, and for many years she did a large amount of essay and article writing for all types of magazines from her start at Seventeen, and foray in bridal magazines, to Harpers, The Atlantic, and on to support her novel writing. This book is a collection of the best essays she's published over the years with a few additional new ones.

The essays range in length, subject and tone, but Pachett's clear, direct voice is enjoyable despite whether she is writing about the process of writing itself, or describing the time she spent training, preparing and passing the LAPD Police Academy physical and written test in order to fully research for a book she wanted to write. She is smart, insightful, and leaves room for the reader's own thoughts and opinions to filter through her experience. Both writers and non-writers alike will find valuable insights and wisdom here. ZB

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