Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Any Other Name

Any Other Name
by Craig Johnson
Penguin, 2014.  317 pgs.  Mystery

Nothing is heavier on the nation's train tracks than a loaded coal train a mile or more longer.  This fact figures into Walt Longmire's latest adventure as he tries to figure out why his friend Lucian Connally's friend Gerald Holman.  Holman, himself a lawman in neighboring Campbell County not only shot himself, but shot himself twice--the first time apparently as some sort of punishment, and the second time in earnest to finish it all.  What Walt and his ever-beguiling deputies and friends need to figure out is what the connection is among the disappearances of three women in the county--the case Holman was working on when he died. But he'll have to get past a motley collection of plug uglies, not to mention a full-blown Wyoming blizzard, to find out. As always, humor leavens the terrors and sorrows of death in the high desert lands. You won't soon forget Walt's vision, when he is wounded and lone, of Grace Coolidge and her pet raccoon.  And don't forget the coal cars . . . .


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