Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wake the Dawn

Wake the Dawn
by Lauraine Snelling
FaithWords, 2013. 350 pages. Romance.

Snelling follows the lives of two broken characters as they work together to maintain order through the worst storm their small town has ever seen. Doctor Esther Hanson is struggling to treat the hoards of patients that come streaming through the doors of her under-equipped clinic and keep the panic of her PTSD in check in dire circumstances. Border Patrol agent Ben James has to crawl out of the pit of alcoholism he has fallen into after the tragic death of his wife in order to care for an abandoned baby he finds out in the woods. Each of them soon find, however, that as they lean on each other the pain of the past becomes less overwhelming.

While the book has its flaws, the are generally overshadowed by what is really right in it. The characters are compelling, if sometimes a little overwrought at times, and I was really eager to see if they would be able to pull together in the end. The issues are very contemporary and important as well, and the author is really able to bring God and religion into normal situations without sounding preachy or patronizing, which I really appreciated. There was also a good combination of action, romance, and introspection which kept it from ever feeling stale. A thought-provoking light read.


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