Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Love Life

Love Life
By Rob Lowe
Simon and Schuster Audio, 2014. Biography.

Having Rob Lowe read his own stories is something like sitting with him in his home and hearing them in person. His second book takes a look at other stories in his life ranging from his childhood, his marriage, his sons, more acting of course, and a look at how he loves his life. Lowe takes a look at his alcoholism, his poor choices, as well as his great choices and discusses the lessons learned from each moment in his life.

This second book of his takes more time to talk about his wife and children and the reader gets a great perspective on how Lowe matured after living a wild life in the acting industry. This book has more character stories and small snippets than Stories I Only Tell My Friends did but it is still a worthwhile read- or listen!


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