Friday, January 17, 2014

The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife 
By A.S.A. Harrison
Penguin Books, 2013. 336 pgs. Mystery.

The Silent Wife  is being marketed as 2013's Gone Girl. I will say it held much of the same tense, uncomfortable interactions between a husband and wife but the characters were not as disturbing or obviously evil. Which could be a good thing if you like this type of book and Gone Girl was too much for you. This is a very quick read, and does have the mysterious development of a marriage gone bad to the line that is crossed in to just crazy.

Jodi and Todd are a couple with no children and to Jodi seem just fine. She works as a therapist part time and he has a good job and everything is comfortable. They are not legally married and this comes up later as a big plot point as Todd is having an affair and a child. The twists in this are pretty subdued and are attributed to Jodi's desperation in losing her husband and life she is used to. At times you think she wants him back, and at others, she wants to kill him. The start of the book says clearly that this book is about Jodi being a murderer and Todd the victim, but the suspense is still there as the characters weave their lies and resulting trauma into something no one can reverse.


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