Friday, January 3, 2014

The Other Child

The Other Child
By Charlotte Link
Pegasus Books, 2013. 410 pgs. Mystery

Charlotte Link is a bestselling author in Germany, but this is her first English novel. In a quiet English village a young college student is brutally murdered while walking home late at night. A few months later an older woman is murdered in a similar fashion. Are the two murders connected? Detective Valerie Almond tries to put together the few clues she has but everyone has secrets they’re trying to keep, including a dark link to the evacuation of children to Scarborough during WWII.

I enjoyed the book but it was a little slow to start. There were also a few subplots that left me hanging, so I didn’t feel completely satisfied in the end. That being said, I really did enjoy it and found the book interesting once I got going. It’s a pretty clean read but not perfectly squeaky. There were only a couple swearwords, and the few scenes that I thought were about to become graphic ended before it crossed the threshold. I could easily recommend this to anyone.


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