Friday, January 17, 2014

Not a Drop to Drink

Not a Drop to Drink
By Mandy McGinnis
Katherine Tegen Books, 2013. 320 pgs. Young Adult.

I finished this in one day. It was intriguing and held my attention. Reminded me of Life as We Knew It. But it was completely original and the characters harsh in their will to survive but heart warming as they learn to survive together. There are multiple instances of sheer terror as well as conceivable situations that made me think a lot about what I had in my immediate belongings that would be precious and help me survive. 

The start is a little slow as it builds this world of loneliness as a teen girl and her mother try to survive daily and protect their pond of water. Water is the ultimate luxury and necessity as the world has been narrowed to what these characters know in a few square miles. There is a neighbor they know is around but even then don't speak to each other. Without giving anything away, there are many turns that cause Lynn to venture from her home and make the first friends she has ever known. There are men out to kill for water, rampant cholera outbreaks, and wild animals that left me feeling desperate to know what happens. And very thirsty. 


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