Friday, February 15, 2013


by Robert Crais
G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2013.  309 pages.  Mystery

When Maggie, a bomb-sniffing German Shepherd fresh home from Afghanistan and from the loss of her handler, and Scott James, an LAPD officer are teamed up in the K9 Unit, good and frightening things begin to happen for both of them. Scott is back on the force after being severely injured in a shootout that killed his partner and has had to play the compassion card to not be forced into medical retirement. Maggie and Scott are both still in recovery from physical, mental, and emotional wounds but as they train together, and help each other on Scott's still unsolved case, they begin to bond, heal, and make significant progress towards finding the men who killed Scott's partner and nearly killed him. Robert Crais is a bang-up (you'll excuse the expression) writer of police procedurals, never skimping on characterization and setting for action's sake, or vice-versa.  Readers will find themselves cheering and fearing for Scott and Maggie as they draw ever closer to finding the killers and saving their own lives in more ways than one.


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