Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels

Perfect Scoundrels
By Ally Carter
Disney/Hyperion, 2013. 328 pgs. Young Adult

Kat and Hale have finally started dating, but their relationship hits a rather large snag when Hale's grandmother leaves him her billion-dollar corporation and Kat suspects the will might have been part of an elaborate con. As she and her crew set out to figure out if there's more going on than meets the eye, Kat knows she risks hurting Hale, but she also knows they need to figure out the truth of what's going on--and why.

The third book in the Heist Society series is just as much fun as the first two--and actually maybe a little bit more since we get to see a little more romance between Kat and Hale. As usual, there are lots of twists and turns as the plot moves along, and even though readers can predict that things will work out all right in the end, they'll enjoy the process of seeing just how that happens.


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