Wednesday, February 20, 2013


By Megan Miranda
Walker, 2013. 326 pgs. Young Adult

After Mallory killed her boyfriend Brian in self-defense, no one in her town looks at her the same. Brian's mother is stalking her and Mallory can feel his presence as well, although she can't remember all of the details of what happened. Her parents send her off to a boarding school, and things there aren't much better. Although one classmate, Reid, is interested in getting to know her better, everyone else seems to know what happened and either steers clear or makes life harder for her. And Mallory is certain someone is following her, sneaking into her room, and even threatening her. And then something happens that shows Mallory and her classmates might be in more danger than ever.

Holy smokes! This book is one heck of a ride! It's so interesting to follow Mallory as she trying to figure out if she's just experiencing hallucinations or if something is really happening and trying both to remember and to forget what happened the night that Brian died. Absolutely gripping, with a nice little romance angle as well. Highly enjoyable.


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AL said...

This book was definitely fast paced and I couldn't fly through the pages fast enough as I tried to discover if some events were really happening or if they were just hallucinations.

There was more swearing in the book then I expected so I personally wouldn't call it a clean read.