Friday, December 7, 2012

The Hunters

The Hunters
By John Flanagan
Philomel Books, 2012. 403 pgs. Young Adult

In the third book in the Brotherband Chronicles, Hal and the crew of the Heron have just missed capturing Zavac the stolen Andomal and set off to follow him once more. Zavac creates traps for them along the way, and the Herons find themselves facing mounting obstacles, until finally, knowing that Zavac has reached the safety of Raguza, a pirate cove, they must figure out how to get safely in the cove, defeat Zavac, and make it out again.

Flanagan provides just as much action, excitement, adventure and humor in this book as in his others. Fans of the series will not be disappointed--and while the book does wrap up the first main plot line of the series, there's just enough left open to leave readers hopeful that there will a whole bunch more books it the series. Set aside enough time to read this all in one day if you can, because once you dive in, you won't want to stop.


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