Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Game for Swallows

A Game for Swallows
By Zeina Abirached
Graphic Universe, 2012. 188 pgs. Young Adult Nonfiction

Zeina was born in the middle of the civil war in Lebanon, so she's lived with bombings and a divided Beruit for all of her life. Her family's apartment is a gathering spot for the tenants of their building in the evenings as the war goes on around them. One night, as Zeina and her brother anxiously await their parents' return from their grandmother's house, the neighbors try to keep the kids entertained and distracted from the fear that this time, something bad has happened to them.

Done in graphic format, this black and white look at one night of life in war-torn Lebanon is a touching, important book, as it tells the stories of not only the children but also the neighbors and how they've been impacted by the war. Readers not familiar with the details of the war might need to do a little background research elsewhere, but those who just want to read straight through will still be able to grasp what's going on and appreciate Abirached sharing her story with the world.


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