Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Girl Who Owned a City

The Girl Who Owned a City
By O.T. Nelson; adapted by Dan Jolley; illustrated by Joelle Jones
Graphic Universe, 2012. 125 pgs. Graphic novel.

When a deadly virus kills everyone over the age of twelve, the kids of the world have to scrounge and fight to survive. Lisa Nelson decides to take matters into her own hands and organize a group which evolves into a city of children banded together, working for the same goals of peace, order, and safety.

Adapted from what was originally a children's chapter book, this graphic novel is an excellent take on the story. I usually don't enjoy graphic novels, but this particular one captivated me. The artwork is a much higher caliber than is standard for many graphic novels and the story was pared down in a way that made a good length for a graphic novel and yet still did justice to the original book. Fascinating read.


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