Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thunder Dog

Thunder Dog
By Michael Hingson with Susy Flory
Thomas Nelson, 2011, 232 pgs. Nonfiction

1,463 steps and Michael Hingson will be free from the uncomfortably hot crowded stairwell. The thought that continuously crosses his mind...what will happen if the lights go out? The time is 8:46 a.m., the date, Sept. 11, 2001. Michael along with hundreds of others knows something is wrong, terribly wrong.

Thunder Dog is one man's unique perspective of what happened that harrowing day. Michael is half of an astonishing team, the other half, Roselle, his incredible guide dog. Michael Hingson is blind.

Michael describes with lucid clearness the elongated minutes as he and Roselle descend the stairs in the World Trade Center. Interspersed are Michael's recollections of memorable life events and choices. He believes life is about achieving goals often made more challenging by a sighted world. On this day however, it is about absolute trust in himself and Roselle working as a team.

Overlook rough patches where Thunder Dog doesn't quite flow smoothly. This is not just another dog book. I highly recommend to everyone this true story of trust between a man, his guide dog, their survival and motivating outlook on life.


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