Saturday, February 18, 2012

All Cry Chaos

All Cry Chaos
by Leonard Rosen
Permanent Press, 2011. 332 pgs. Mystery

Bosnian genocide, chaos theory, the Indigenous Liberation Front, and a radical End Times Christian group all play a part in this heartbreaking, suspenseful story of the death by surgical explosive strike of a Harvard mathematician. Interpol agent Henri Poincare is assigned the case and persists in it even when a Serbian mass murderer whom he has arrested makes threats against his family. By the end of this stylish thriller, the superscriptions from the Book of Job make perfect sense. Science and spirituality, mathematics and mysticism flow into one another where minds and hearts are tried beyond telling. Plus, aside from a handful of swear words, the book is free from vulgarity and sexual situations. (What?!) The instantly inimitable Leonard Rosen works by day as a textbook writer and wouldn't that be terrific assigned reading? One hopes this fine book is the beginning of a many-volumed series.


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