Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray
By Oscar Wilde
Modern Library, 1998. 254 pgs. Fiction

Dorian Gray, a handsome young man sits for his portrait to be painted by Basil Hallward. The portrait is beautiful and so is Dorian, a fact Basil is not shy telling him. Dorian becomes quite vain after his many interactions with both Basil and Basil’s friend Lord Henry Wotton. As a vain wish, Dorian wonders aloud why the portrait shouldn’t age while he stays young and handsome. Dorian’s wish comes true and even as he commits grievous mistakes and sins in his life, he remains young while the portrait becomes old and corrupt.

If you are looking for a short classic book, this one’s for you. However Wilde can often be long winded in his descriptions and I felt that the action was rather jerky. I’d be into the book for a while and then it would take several chapters for me to be interested in the characters and plot again. Recommended for those wanting to brush up on their classic novel reading.


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