Thursday, September 1, 2011

The American Heiress

The American Heiress
By Daisy Goodwin
St. Martin's Press, 2011. 468 pgs. Fiction

Cora Cash has been groomed since birth to be the ultimate American heiress. She has the beauty, the wealth (as the only heir to a flour fortune), and the spirit. The only thing Cora lacks is a title. Within days of her debut, and a near engagement to a friend, Cora’s mother whisks her to Europe on a tour of the continent and eligible, titled young men. A fortuitous riding accident in England lands Cora at the home of the Duke of Wareham, a handsome young man who does not have a wife. As Cora develops a relationship with Ivo, she finds her beauty and wealth do not give her an automatic in to his affections and English society. As she learns to become a proper English lady, Cora makes mistakes and discovers secrets that threaten her happiness.

I could not put down this well-written guilty pleasure. Cora is not the most sympathetic character, but I could understand her confusion and frustration with her new life. The descriptions of dresses, food, and such were delicious. The romance was tasteful and the secrets lurking in the pages were enticing. Adult fans of the young adult Luxe series will find this a worthy successor.


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