Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Bride in the Bargain

A Bride in the Bargain
By Deanne Gist
Bethany House, 2009. 365 pgs. Romance

Joe Denton, who owns a logging company in rural Washington, does not want a wife. However, he was allotted enough land for two people--himself and his wife. However, since his wife died before she could join him, Joe stands to lose half of his land. So, reluctantly, he lets Asa Mercer, who is on a mission to round up wives to bring east, find him a bride. Asa Mercer does secure Anna Ivey for Joe; however, Anna, who has no desire to get married, thinks she'll be working as Joe's cook. Joe has seven weeks to get her to change her mind.

Popular Christian romance author Deanne Gist's latest offering is somewhat less than satisfactory. The attraction between Joe and Anna seems mainly to be based on physical attributes, and Anna's reason for not wanting to get married is underdeveloped. Still, it is a gentle read, with an enjoyable setting and both Joe and Anna are nice characters.


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