Monday, May 10, 2010

Dead in the Family

Dead in the Family
By Charlaine Harris
Ace Books, 2010. 311 pgs. Fiction

Sookie Stackhouse is back in this tenth volume of the Southern Vampire Series. The Fairy War has come to an end. Sookie is healing physically and emotionally from the torments she encountered during the struggle. The world as a whole is coming to grips with the supernatural creatures who have come forward and announced their existence. And with Eric’s problems securing his position as Sherriff, he and Sookie are finding it very difficult to find the time to define their developing relationship.

This series has lost a fan. I really enjoyed the first few books, but I felt like half of Dead in the Family was spent explaining vampire/werewolf/fae politics, which is the portion of the series I care the least about. The story was strung along in a very dry and uninteresting way leading to about ten pages of excitement. I do still like the characters and the initial premise, but it has just reached a point where the lore has completely overshadowed the storylines, which is really a shame.


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