Monday, June 1, 2020

The Proposal

The Proposal
by Jasmine Guillory
Jove, 2018. 325 pages. Romance

A Dodgers game becomes extremely awkward for freelance writer Nikole Paterson where her actor boyfriend proposes unexpectedly. Of course she says no: he didn't even spell her name right on the Jumbotron. But dealing with a stadium of disappointed fans is more overwhelming than it would seem. Just in the nick of time, handsome stranger Carlos Ibarra and his sister show up, pretending to be Nik's friends, and whisk her away from the camera crew. Carlos and Nik's friendship withstands the social media backlash of the failed proposal, and knowing that Carlos can't be looking for anything serious, Nik starts a fun rebound relationship with him. But as it evolves into something more, they have to learn where to draw the line.

One of my favorite aspects about this NY Times Bestseller was how there wasn't much plot to get mixed up in. That might sound like a negative, but the overall story mostly follows Carlos and Nik's relationship, and they're so cute together that it's hard to get upset about it. The diverse cast of characters is likable and memorable (even minor ones), not to mention realistic. If you're a fan of modern romance, this one's perfect for you.


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