Friday, December 7, 2018

Annie on my Mind

Annie on my Mind
by Nancy Garden
Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1982. 263 pages. Young Adult.

Liza is a high achieving high school student, the class president, and has her sights set on studying at MIT. When she meets Annie at a museum, a fast friendship is formed, which evolves into so much more. Their choice to be together comes with conflict when Liza’s school finds out about their relationship and decides to hold a disciplinary counsel to remove Liza from her president seat, and possibly from the school altogether. The teens soon learn that love isn’t all you need, but it might make the hardships worth it.

This endearing love story is still as relevant and charming today as it was when the book was originally published in 1982. It is considered a classic in the LGBTQ+ genre, and was one of the first YA books featuring lesbian main characters that included a happy ending. The sweet depiction of first love and the connection that the girls feel is a heartwarming ray of much needed sunshine. This is a clean and enjoyable read for fans of either YA romance or LGBTQ+ novels.


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